Our Mares

Meet our beautiful mares, who are used for both breeding and riding. All mares are fully trained and ridden regularly for their fitness when not breeding.

Mystral BA 255

D.O.B.: 13/10/2001 Sire: Ambassador BA140 Dam: Mischa BA133

Ostellar BA 317

D.O.B: 18/10/2005 Sire: Wintersun (Imported) A70 Dam: Ollie BA234

Regal Ruby BA 292

D.O.B. : 23/08/2003 Height: 148cm Sire: Nabucco BA137 Dam: Ria (Imported) A90 (Deceased Feb'2013)

Olive BA 271

D.O.B: 21/10/2002 Sire: Aqua BA 204 Dam: Odette BA 102